The Wrongest Thing You Will Ever See

the wrongest thing you will ever seeThere are no words.

Whoever Ronald Van Der Kemp is, he is out of his fucking mind.

He wants $1,980 for these…..pants?

yuo will never see anything wronger than thisCan you count the things wrong here? Net-a-Porter gives you some clues:

Ronald Van Der Kemp’s pants take inspiration from military cargo styles and are designed to create the illusion of a checked shirt tied around the waist. Crafted in the label’s couturier in limited quantities, they are artfully patchworked from upcycled cotton-flannel, light-blue denim and camouflage-print twill.

I was going to say that this would be good to wear for the apocalypse, but here’s something funnier: They are sold out in size large.

What a bittersweet moment! Nothing will ever be this hideous and stupid.



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8 Responses to The Wrongest Thing You Will Ever See

  1. Erin says:

    Truly foul on an epic scale!

  2. Dj says:

    These shoes absolutely make the outfit

  3. Suebob says:

    There’s a vagrant guy down by the freeway that wears these. Or something similar, anyway.

  4. Stephanie says:

    Hooray for the homeless look!

  5. Sisty says:

    Hahahahahahaha! Seriously, I was rolling from side to side when I saw these. Thanks for the rare, real belly-laugh, Sis!

    And they must look especially nice is size large, with the volume at the hips, the competing textures and prints adding visual bulk. And they’d be just blah if they were styled with anything other than spike heels — great for running from zombies.

  6. Suspended says:

    I’ve tried three times to think of a comment on these…I just can’t. They’re like kryptonite to my mind. I’m so confused.

  7. eekahil says:

    I would pay actual money to see a real human person wearing these in public.

    Just had a thought: do you think “sold out” in large is cover for the fact that they were not made in that size?

  8. eekahil says:

    Another thought: where does one get “upcycled” cam fabric? How even worse-yet-splendid if they “sourced” it from wounded “troops”. You know, for Never Forgetting.

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