Your Go-to Boots for Fall

Philip Lim peeptoe

These boots by Philip Lim are my first choice.  Not only do they look like a boot giving birth to another boot (or a parasitic twin) but they have an open-toe, convenient for testing the weather.

Philip Lim issa

Plus, they sag nicely in the back.  $850.00

Fendi bootie

These Fendi booties are obviously a no-brainer. Versatile, practical, what’s not to like? $1,700.00

Christian Louboutin ankle boot


Finally, I know these are the tiniest bit flashy, but these Christian Louboutin booties are so fierce, right? You could easily be mistaken for a real biker or punk, and how cool is that?  $1,995.000

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13 Responses to Your Go-to Boots for Fall

  1. Bessie the Cow says:

    Why can’t you do the Red Carpet commentary? Why? Man, just the thought of you doing it make me wet my pants.

  2. Romeo says:

    Wet pants are so last year.

  3. Marky says:

    The Fendis! The Fendis!

  4. Heidi says:

    Lol, “a boot giving birth to another boot” is perfect. What is with these open toes in boots?

  5. sam says:

    I’ve always been a sucker for boots that sag nicely at the back.

  6. Winter Bird says:

    Reminds me of my open toed cast after a high schools gymnastics mishap.

  7. annemarie says:

    I say the Fendis. They are perfectly on-trend and will bring a pop of color and touch of lux to any outfit. They are killer and fierce. They will be your go-to shoe for perfect transitioning from day to night looks. They are sure to become a signature classic that you will return to season after season. They are a must-have.

  8. Cricket9 says:

    Yeah, all of them would be great for Toronto winter, especially the open-toed ones, so the salty slush could easily enter and exit the boot. The little white and orange fur (I”m guessing mink) would look wonderfully like a dead rat after one day of wearing. Good thing I don’t plan to spend the winter in Toronto, or I’d be so stumped for choice.
    For winter in Ecuador, or the rainy season, I just need a pair of rubber boots. I can always cut the open toes with scissors, right, then be committed to an institution by the local people.

  9. Andra says:

    I don’t know about the skunk boots but I just love the Louboutins. I’ll take up a collection and see how much I can raise towards them. Do they have lay-by?
    Just imagine kicking somebody in the bum with these babies! Fantastic fun.

  10. Kellie says:

    I am buying you the Fendi glasses that match the boots.
    You KNOW you want fur on your GLASSES!!!
    I cant walk in any of them, and wouldn’t anyway. Nothing says practical like open toed BOOTS….

  11. kate says:

    A boot without a toe is like a fish with a bicycle, sort of.

  12. Dj says:

    Saw the fendis in a totally fucked up as usual editorial spread in town and country The would look better on you sister….

  13. james says:

    You are the best! xxo

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