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Ha Ha, Good One!

I think Prada is having a laugh with this awful new handbag, the Napa Fringe Hobo. You can get it at Neiman Marcus for $2,195, but you’d better hurry. It’s sure to be the new “It bag” of the season.

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I was looking around the internets for a story I heard about a 900 pound woman who was removed from her house by a crane or something, to go to the hospital. I saw this on the TV news, which … Continue reading

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Sister Wolf Explains It All

For those of you who had to go to work and had to miss the ANS hearing, here is a synopsis: Judge Seidlin was a showboating nutcase who babbled incoherent asides throughout the hearing and turned out to be a … Continue reading

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A Politically Correct Lexicon

Here are the new rules of politically correct terms. (You can call Michael Stipe  queer but not  gay. And you should still try to avoid cunt, although “it’s gaining currency among young lesbians.”)

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Howard K. Stern: The Nose

The sight of Howard K. Stern makes me sick with rage, kind of like George W. Bush. Howard K. Stern strikes me as a venal sociopath without any redeeming qualities. Every word he says is a lie, including and and … Continue reading

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Celebrity Meltdowns

Nothing could have distracted me from the Anna Nicole Smith drama except this frightening picture of Britney Spears,  revealing a woman in the throes of a nervous breakdown. I can’t watch, but I can’t look away. If Taxi Driver is anything … Continue reading

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The Secret and Me

Forgive me for being behind the curve, but now that I’ve heard about “The Secret,” I am bursting with excitement, not to mention negative energy. The Secret has been revealed even to those of us who didn’t buy the book … Continue reading

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Grammys 2007 Exegesis

The Grammys show just gets worse, along with the state of popular music. But let’s review it anyway. Most Sickening on Every Level: Sting. God, just the sight of him was stomach-turning. Ugh! You’re old now, Sting! Cover your arms, … Continue reading

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Word of the Day

ludic [loo-dik]   adjective playful in an aimless way. “the ludic behavior of kittens.” It’s an icky word and I don’t like it, but I came across it in a description of an artist, Andreas Slominski, who is known for building … Continue reading

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Hearing Voices

New on the Internet: a community of people who believe the government is beaming voices into their minds. They may be crazy, but the Pentagon has pursued a weapon that can do just that. This is the heading of a … Continue reading

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