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Help Rate Republicans!

I was transfixed by the silly Republican debate, this week.   The obsession with immigrants was particularly stupid and tragic. What a pathetic distraction!   I am left with a need to determine who is more loathsome, Mitt Romney or Fred Thompson. … Continue reading

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The Crazy Cellphone Judge

You’ve probably read about the crazy judge in New York who sent 46 people to jail when no one would confess to being the owner of an annoying cellphone. When I read that Judge Robert Restaino was fired after an … Continue reading

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Daddy Issues

How many times have you listened to a female friend lamenting about the asshole who mistreats her?   Often, there will be a whole string of assholes, all who treated her like shit, but held some addictive power that made her … Continue reading

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No More Peterson Crimes!

For the love of god, how are we supposed to keep track of these Peterson crimes?! First, there’s the cop who killed his “missing wife,” Drew Peterson. Natually, his wife has to be named Stacey, to remind us of Laci, … Continue reading

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A Disgruntled Crackhead to Avoid

Washington Post classical music critic Tim Page has been put on leave after sending an irate email to DC council member Marion Barry. Remember when Barry was Mayor, until he was arrested and convicted for possession of cocaine? Tim Page … Continue reading

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I am thankful for my best friend, who looks just like Madonna, and hates when anyone points this out. Isn’t she beautiful?

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The Loss of Sadness

The Loss of Sadness: What a uniquely poignant phrase. A new book with that title examines ‘How psychiatry transformed normal sorrow into depressive disorder.’ Normal sorrow seems like a hard thing to quantify. Remember how Freud hoped to transform hysterical … Continue reading

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Long Live the King (of Spain!)

Just like any decent American, I used to  admire Hugo Chavez for his vigorous Bush-bating. Now, I see he’s just a big baby. When Chavez wouldn’t stop interrupting Spain’s Prime Minister, who was defending the honor of his predecessor,   King Juan … Continue reading

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I’ve only just discovered the term ‘cougar’ for sexually aggressive older women, and it’s hugely annoying. I don’t know its origins and I don’t care. It’s just really sickening. I will assume that the cougar poster girl is Demi Moore, … Continue reading

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Creflo A. Dollar: Name of the Month

I’ve just learned about the ministry of Rev. Creflo A. Dollar, a televangelist who preaches Prosperity Theology. His ministry is currently under investigation by a US Senate Committee, along with a few others. Rev. Dollar has refused to turn over … Continue reading

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