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You Won’t Even Believe This

Let me begin with I’m Sorry, because I really am. This blog has devolved into a tale of woe that is much too personal but still not personal enough.   Try to bear with me. I broke my fucking hip. I … Continue reading

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Thanks For Nothing, Mackenzie Phillips

Here I am, innocently checking out the headlines at Huffington Post, when I am assaulted by the news that Mackenzie Phillips slept with her father, John Phillips.   Eoow, god, why do we have to know this?!   I will never be … Continue reading

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Hospital Life

Today I was at the hospital for 12 hours, waiting for my son’s surgery and then waiting for word about the surgery and then waiting for him to return to his room. The surgery was successful and I am still … Continue reading

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Finally, A Cool Old Bag!

I have a feeling that before too long, we will all be sick of this 82 year old model but for now I am pretty damn impressed. The clothes by Joanna Sykes are genuinely age defying, aren’t they? Silver leather … Continue reading

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The Joy of Midgets

Last night I attended the annual Port of Los Angeles Lobster Festival, drawn by the promise of a KISS tribute band composed of midgets.   It was a warm, humid evening, and hundreds of people wandered around happily wearing stupid red … Continue reading

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The Mother Animal

This is not a Mom Blog, but Sister Wolf is nothing if not a mother.   And nothing makes a mother feel more like an animal than when her child is in danger. My child has been in the hospital for … Continue reading

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Some Girl Hates Me

Here is   new comment from “renee” on a post from last year about an eBay nemesis: FIRST OF ALL SHE IS A TALENTED DESIGNER AND DONT YOU WISH YOU HAD THE IDEA FIRST WELL YEAH OF COURSE YOU DO THATS … Continue reading

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Ugly Jeans Face Off, Part 2

These jeans above, by Rich & Skinny, are the Rider Boyfriend Jeans and sell for $200. They have an unflattering yoke and sag in all the wrong places. Why are they called “Rider?” Why would anyone want them? Even better, … Continue reading

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Behold My Groupie Coat

This coat has been sealed in a big package, laying on my couch for nearly two weeks. My son’s accident brought my world to a halt, and I couldn’t bear the frivolity of opening a package. Tonight, I felt it … Continue reading

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MTV Awards 2009 Exegesis

I didn’t see the whole show but so what, I’m still doing the Exegesis. The best thing this year was Kanye West fucking up Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech. Yes, it was rude, and why not? Taylor Swift is a godawful … Continue reading

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