Guess How Much For These Jeans!

guess how muchObviously they are very special.

You want to feel special? Be prepared to pay for it. Especially when it comes to denim. There are fifty thousand brands of denim to choose from, and the “cult” brands are changing every minute. You want to express your status to other status-obsessed losers so you need to look around before you invest.

The shredding alone tells you that these jeans are special. It is clearly the work of teething babies and rabid squirrels. You let them chew for a scientifically calibrated amount of time to get this effect, then you  smack them away, so it’s very labor-intensive.

Then, there’s the exposed zipper with the big ring-pull. How cool is that? Not to mention the long rope belt, which you can use to strangle yourself if no one reacts to your denim savvy. Before you take that option though, make sure to point out that these jeans are actually repurposed Levi’s.

Isn’t that incredible!  They took some innocent Levi’s and turned them into arty street-wear that broadcasts your exquisite disregard for fit and function.

Here’s the rear view:

guess how much for these jeansNow you see where the money went!

Before you guess the price, let me reveal the brand: Off-White c/o Virgil Abloh.

Virgil Abloh wears many hats: Kanye West’s creative director, in-demand DJ, blockbuster-show producer, and most recently, designer for a line of streetwear that launched in 2013. Mixing provocatively printed T-shirts with athletic hoodies and oversized flannel shirts, OFF-WHITE c/o VIRGIL ABLOH is setting new standards in urban apparel.

Okay, take a guess.
















$1,075 (and sold out in size 24)

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6 Responses to Guess How Much For These Jeans!

  1. Dj says:


  2. Miranda Mitsouko says:

    Scream! LOL Sold out in size 24. Get those stupid rope belts(!)

  3. Romeo says:

    “Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!”

  4. Charlotte K says:

    I guessed $85. What I don’t know about a)fashion and b)people’s stupidity….

  5. Iris says:

    Thought of you today, as Nordstrom is now selling jeans covered in dirt for S425.

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