Horrible Old White Guys

If you’re like me, and I know you are, you feel overwhelmed by the current plague of horrible old white guys who are doing their best to ruin our lives while brazenly or covertly enriching themselves.

Forgetting about Trump for one moment if that is possible, let’s take inventory.

Pence, Gorsuch, Bannon, Trey Gowdy, Jeffrey Lord, Roger Stone, Tom Price, Jeff Sessions and Mitch McConnell.

These are the once that are bothering me the most, but I know they’re just a fraction of the pestilence. They are the figureheads. When I see any of these fuckers on the news, I am filled with disgust. I think it’s fair to say they are all child molesters, even if they aren’t.

Pence is a real  weasel, isn’t he? His squeaky clean altar boy image is particularly offensive. As if he didn’t know about Mike Flynn and Russia. As if he sleeps with his wife. What a despicable cunt he is.

I am especially enraged at the moment by Mitch McConnell, and I know I’m affected by his physical repulsiveness. Hey, I’m human, alright? He looks like a turtle but it’s so much more. You just know instinctively that he’d murder a bus full of school children if it meant he could stay in power a little longer. He is pure evil. He’s the reason we need to limit senate terms.

I don’t want to give short shrift to the others, but I want to move on to my central issue here, which is, how to rate the horrible old white guys who are blighting our lives. We need a system. It’s not really adequate to rate them by how sickening they are. Being physically repellent is a quality they all share but what about the level of corruption? The monumental hypocrisy? The smugness? The propensity for metaphorical or literal child molesting?

Let’s put on our thinking caps, shall we?

I’ve listed 9 horrible old bastards and I need one more who is worthy to make the top ten. Then I need to rate them in order of horribleness.



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10 Responses to Horrible Old White Guys

  1. Caroline says:

    Cruz and Chaffetz. Utter spineless fucks. And RYAN. the Scorpion King of two-faced, self-serving, skin-crawling loathsomeness.

  2. Suzanne Myers says:

    Not a politician, but worthy of consideration: Sean Hannity.


  3. Romeo says:

    Rupert Murdoch. This William Randolph Hearst motherfucker primed the pump for Good Ol’ Propaganda and empowered all of these cunts.

  4. Janet says:

    Robert Mercer. Horrible, twisted, delusional billionaire.

  5. Dj says:

    That idiot jack Kingston from South Carolina often a panelist on cnn..embarrassingly stupid.
    Gingrich, bloated, fat corrupt bastard.
    Not old, but increasingly scary…prince Jared, out of his depth international negotiator.
    Health sects.Price, corrupt and clueless.
    He might as well be white…Ben Carson, brain surgeon. Oxymoron?
    Henchmen all, I want to see a spectacular perp walk up the steps of the Supreme Court for these assholes.

    Here is a question, if you had $741 million in the bank would you be fucking around the Washington political scene?! The kushners could set up multiple foundations to do what they are wasting their time trying to do in DC. That’s where I see very murky, hidden agendas brewing. Dangerous.

    I know I’m rambling…still on Norco……

  6. helen waite says:

    I’m with Jared.

  7. Charlotte K says:

    I’d like to tattoo the word HYPOCRITE across Mitch McConnell’s forehead for the blather he’s spouting about Dems blocking Gorsuch after what he pulled on Merrick Garland’s nomination.

  8. AK says:

    McConnell is the worst. Maybe he’ll have a fatal heart attack soon.

  9. Bevitron says:

    Agreed on McConnell (and the rest).
    Get him a damn upper plate and make him spend the rest of his life singing bass in a barbershop quartet. Except he’s probably tone deaf.

    Gaack, yeech, on the whole shitload of ’em.

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