You’re Gonna be So Stoked

Remember how rad you felt when you found out that Gnarlitude’s Old Man was learning to be a taxidermist? Well, how stoked are you to see this picture of him working on these dead coyotes! No wonder she’s so proud. This is both totally rad and totally sick.

In other rad Gnarlitude news, she was completely stoked when her Old Man got her this green monkey fur coat from her very good pals at Ksubi.

How sick is this?!?

If only coyotes were green….that would be so fucking rad!

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63 Responses to You’re Gonna be So Stoked

  1. Rosee says:

    Forgive me SW for I have sinned.

    I like the jacket.

  2. hoopla says:

    You are so fucking lame Sister Wolf!!!

  3. Elizette says:

    Gnarlitude could don all the green-tinged monkey fur coats in the world and she’d never be as fucking rad and fucking sick as you, Sister Wolf! I don’t know about anyone else, but that’s what I’m stoked about 🙂

  4. TheShoeGirl says:

    puked in my mouth a bit.

  5. arline says:

    fucking gross!

  6. RLC says:

    Tangent alert: the other night at the bus stop, a creepy Canadian guy started chatting to me, he was at least 40 years older than me and was apparently a fur trapper. He told me he could kill me any animal I liked and make me a coat. “How about lynx?” he proposed, “you only need about five of em.”

    Imagine if they made leopard-tinged monkeys. Or inverted-cross-tinged. That would be so bladder-squeezingly rad.

  7. lynn says:

    as much as i agree that Gnarlitude’s blog is grossly subpar, i don’t think she mentions anywhere on there that the monkey fur coat is green. rather i think she mentions the store Violent Green.

  8. Sister Wolf says:

    lynn – Oh god, on my monitor it looks green! Hahahahahaha! I feel like Roseanne Rosannadanna (probably before your time)! “Well, that’s different….never mind.” And yet, in my heart, it will always be a green monkey fur.

  9. Sister Wolf says:

    Rosee- Ten Hail Mary’s for you and no dessert!

  10. Who would wear monkey fur! Why would you want to wear monkey fur? I don’t care if it green, black or brown anyone who wears monkey fur is a complete loser. Even if you like fur you have to have some boundaries. Bad rad.

  11. Consuela@DomesticServitude says:

    Those coyotes look like they’d be difficult to keep clean.

  12. Sister Wolf says:

    Consuela – Didn’t the Aldridge family teach you how to clean coyotes?!?

  13. Stella Mayfair says:

    is this for real? i’m grossed out.
    if mr. mayfair started to dabble in taxidermy, i’d file for divorce.

  14. Rosee says:

    Is it real monkey fur? I thought “monkey fur” was like “pony hair” not really what it pretends to be.

    Also, my friends ex boyfriend recently started sleeping with a girl who taxidermies animals. She has a skeleton of a cat she found on the side of the freeway hanging out in her bedroom. That’s not even the cool kind of creepy, it’s just unhinged.

  15. BethUK says:


  16. Ann says:

    Eye roll. And once more for good measure.

  17. dust says:

    Is human taxidermy allowed? I hope not…

  18. Cybill says:

    I hope the other monkeys throw poo at her.

  19. james says:

    Achingly cool. Haha!

  20. Cricket9 says:

    Cybill, I hope too! What the fuck with the taxidermy, skulls, skeletons of anything, fucking real and fake horns as decoration, and fucking fur! I hate it all. Killing animals for stupid horns or fur, or even worse – to stuff them and display: gross, stupid, cruel and unnecessary. Yes, I’m a bleeding heart for animals, so sue me…

  21. Nika says:

    Who the fuck closer to their thirties needs to constantly whine about being a ‘real punk’ in their youth?
    I quote:
    Blogdescription/ bio/ whatever: “we’re just poor and dirty punks”
    “You don’t like our lifestyle
    We don’t like your laws”
    (nothing else to say about that other than L-O-L, especially in combination with the constant whining about multimillion corporation brands and how everybody should get overpriced stuff she likes before it’s “long gone”)

    I had a huge mohawk and Aus-Rotten on replay as a teen, so fucking what. Her talking about being a punk like it’d be winning the Nobel prize or something is mindbogglingly stupid. I do however like to surf the gnarblog every once in a while when I feel like getting pissed off, all the hypocrisy on there does the job in just a few seconds. Maybe that’s the whole point and she’s fooled us all? Bravo in that case, job well done.

  22. Mary says:

    This is just fucked. I’d like to punch that Gnarlitude person right on the nose.

  23. Sofia says:

    There’s nothing sexier than being caressed by a man who likes to rip the skin of dead animal carcass in his free time, am I right?

  24. Monkey fur was very popular from the mid nineteenth century through the 1940’s during which time the Colobus Monkey population dropped to alarmingly low numbers. So Monkey fur is really Monkey not pony!

  25. Dave C says:

    What Mary and Cricket9 said.

  26. Juli says:

    Another brave blogger with her comments turned OFF. Not cool.

  27. Alicia says:

    I heard a story on NPR about a chimp that had been raised by humans and taught to sign (it was an experiment on nature vs nurture or something to that effect). After it got big enough to tear the house to complete shreds, the family decided to release it into the wild on an island where other chimps who’d lived in captivity were trying to assimilate to jungle living. Long story short, the chimp ended up being killed and skinned by poachers presumably because she’d been so comfortable with humans her whole life and probably mistook them for friends or caretakers.

    So yeah, it’s probably real monkey fur.

  28. Cricket9 says:

    Hah, Nika, I can start writing about being a “poor and dirty hippie” in my youth – that was, more or less, 40 – something years ago. Being a hippie in Poland was not so easy – not a marijuana plant in sight, so we had to make do with horrible cheap Algerian wine called Gellala (every Polish person from my generation was very sick at least once after drinking too much Gellala), lots or beads and listening to Bob Dylan. Now I got nostalgic – enough of this, I’m moving tomorrow and I’m desperately trying to get everything packed. I’ll be also disconnected from pretty much everything until Wednesday evening – if the “cable guy” shows up as promised. Back to packing 🙁

  29. Nika says:

    Cricket9, my dad is Polish, so I definately know what you’re talking about! Kudos to you haha. I’m actually going there in a week – zawsze boje sie ze moj polski jest za kiepski i ze wrzystkie beda sie smiac ale jakosz dam rade i uwielbiam tam bycz! My spelling sucks though.

    And good luck with moving, it’s extremely exhausting and stressing (atleast for me, every time, I
    never learn) so I hope it goes well!

  30. Cecilia says:

    She likes Motorhead. That says it all.

  31. Cecilia says:

    Good luck @Cricket9!!!

  32. Mark says:

    What a fucking horrible cunt. For so many reasons. She’s sooo fucking rad! What a fucking horrible cunt.

  33. WendyB says:

    For the commenter who was wondering, today’s “monkey fur” is really goat:

    Real monkey fur was banned in the ’70s, but once in a while, I stumble across vintage:

  34. damaia says:

    On a slightly unrelated note- You were right, Sister Wolf. Sea really is turning into her mother. She just listed a giant stack of music she’s listening to and not a thing on it was after around 1990. She is literally turning into a miniature replica of Mommy’s glory days. Oh, and the real python jacket? Fucking gross. Poor python…

  35. TheShoeGirl says:

    Thanks WendyB ♥

  36. Ew says:

    I second what Nika said: “I do however like to surf the gnarblog every once in a while when I feel like getting pissed off, all the hypocrisy on there does the job in just a few seconds. ”

    I also enjoy reading her posts on the Street Boners blog because every comment after her says “Jen sucks”. Giggles.

    Gnar’s way with words is like eye bleach.

  37. theresa says:

    what do they do with the rest of it???

    is it sacrificial meat for the gnarlitude gods?????

    that is absolutely nasty.

  38. Cricket9 says:

    Thanks Nika and Cecilia – moving sucks, but nobody forced me to buy a house – with a LOT of renovations to do, for good measure, so I shall shut up and work. Nika, twoj polski jest dobry – don’t worry, everyone will appreciate the effort and they will not laugh at you for sure. Have a good time!
    I know already I’ll have withdrawal symptoms, SW!

  39. Andrea says:

    jesus christ

  40. Barbaric.
    And yet – I can’t explain why, but – it doesn’t seem so bad when Jack White does it.

    The green monkey coat is just pure ugly.

  41. I saw a faux monkey-fur guitar strap in Hoboken the other day.

  42. Alicia says:

    @Erika that stuff is like mourning jewelry with no meaning…creepy!!

  43. the real andrea says:

    fyi SW- Emily Litella, not Roseanne Rosannadana. You and I are of the same vintage : )

  44. kellie says:

    I had a monkey fur coat in my vintage shop. Some cunt stole it.
    I dont know if it upset her, so she took it, or if she was just too fucking cheap to buy it.
    It was a 40’s thing. I hope she tries to fly with it. It is a prohibited good and can be confiscated by security and destroyed.
    Same with leopard and ivory etc. They can just take it from you and thats the end.

  45. Bessie the Buddha cow: says:

    My x-mother-in-law has a seal-monkey fur coat from the 60s. It’s fucking disgusting and fucking beautiful. She tried to give it to me once and I said I would bury it. I think she still has it. I heard my X’s girlfriend went nuts over it. Cunt! In the long, very long run I think I’ll get to bury it. As should be done with the one above.
    I’m not sure how I feel about taxidermy. If the animal is killed just for display, I would argue against it; however, if the animal died of natural causes and then was “fixed” for educational purposes I would have less of an argument.

  46. Dani says:

    Going off what Nika said – People who have to advertise how punk/edgy they are…most likely aren’t. I also find it hard to believe that any true punks would have fashion blogs. I think a lot of these girls may seem somewhat interesting/rad/gnarly/killer on the internet, but in real life are probably bland and poserish as all hell. Why else would they try so hard to come off as FUCKING RAD DUDE!~

    Like…’Oh look at me I’m so fucking dark and edgy and nonconformist because I like looking at dead animals’ insides…I just don’t give a fuck man, TRY and fuck with me I will FUCK YOU UP I have dead coyotes in my house FUCK YOUR GIRLY SHIT I WEAR MONKEYS”

    Yeah, okay…this bitch is so hardcore she can’t even handle comments on the ~oh so scary~ interwebs

  47. Nats says:

    well i was so stoked until james commented “achingly cool” before i did. total buzzkill. cunt!

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