You’re Gonna be So Stoked

Remember how rad you felt when you found out that Gnarlitude’s Old Man was learning to be a taxidermist? Well, how stoked are you to see this picture of him working on these dead coyotes! No wonder she’s so proud. This is both totally rad and totally sick.

In other rad Gnarlitude news, she was completely stoked when her Old Man got her this green monkey fur coat from her very good pals at Ksubi.

How sick is this?!?

If only coyotes were green….that would be so fucking rad!

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63 Responses to You’re Gonna be So Stoked

  1. OH MY!

    this is murder. I have a dog, a boxer and this is just not right. How can someone put a knife on some animal’s skin?

    am beyond shocked.

    that man must be skinned alive. disgusting. MURDER.

  2. Rosee says:

    How can someone put a knife on some animal’s skin?

    Let the vegetarians run rampant on that statement.

    Same boat as wearing leather/eating meat etc. It’s one and the same.

    This guy is still a creep though.

    That being said, I’ve always loved the taxidermy section at the museum. That’s where this stuff belongs.

  3. Laura says:

    since we’re on the subject of hideous crap…

    my eyes, my eyes!

  4. Sonia Luna says:

    I tried to read a little bit about taxidermy but all the talk about covering up the smell of rot cut my research short, I feel sick just thinking about it.
    The English language is putty in Gnarly girl’s hands, she laughs in the face of your grammatical rules you plebs! Shredding it as ever, and wrenching it too!

  5. Anonymousse says:

    Why NOWNESS.. WHY? I have no words.

  6. PeaceBwithU says:

    Fucking sick! Maybe someone should skin them and make a lampshade for their next of kin. Lets e-mail Hannibal to see if he knows anybody who’s up for the job.

  7. Kat says:

    Hrm, monkey fur… I’m not down with that, but let’s not overlook the most offensive thing here – the over-zealous promotion of ksubi and other brands which are pretty much unattainable for any so-called punk – I’m with Nika on this one.

  8. It’s amusing to see this post today as just hours ago I scheduled a visit over the weekend to see an exhibition by jeweler and taxidermist Julia de Ville. (

    I’m feeling very apprehensive about my visit to the exhibition. On the one hand, as someone who feels fairly sensitive towards animal rights the concept of taxidermy in general bothers me – even with the knowledge that the animals used in de Ville’s work die of natural causes. On the other, as a meat eater, I feel hypocritical caring so much. And as a jewellery designer, I am deeply excited to see such extraordinarily interesting work.

  9. slimeylimey says:

    I knew a girl who after her dog peacefully passed on to that kennel in the sky, she had him skinned and had the skin made into a not unattractive bag, that way the dog was always with her in the form of some very fine leather. It’s actually a very practical variant on having your deceased animal stuffed, which was a big fad in Victorian times. That girl lived in a walk up on Grand Street, and that doggie bag has now triggered a delightful recall of the period. Thank you for letting me share this taxidermical memory on your always intriguing site!

  10. ellio100 says:

    working in museums it’s hard to get wound up about taxidermy… it’s even harder to see it as cool though.

  11. Well, I guess I’m a hypocrite – although that first photo completely freaks me out, I do like the fur in the second.

    And slimeylimey, I was a little horrified by your taxidermy story till you called it a doggie bag, and now I’ll never ask for a doggie bag without thinking of the girl with the commemorative bag.

  12. Cricket9 says:

    OK, I’m back – moving was less painful than expected thanks to great movers, Rogers people came and connected everything, my cats are finding new ways to be under foot (sleeping on the stairs), everyone survived except one lampshade.
    I have to get over the hideousness that is Nowness – maybe a huge glass of wine will help…

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