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When Classic Movies Go Bad

The other night, I saw the film Blow-Up for the first time. What a piece of shit! Don’t you hate it when a movie you’re supposed to revere turns out to be crap? Blow-Up is the boringest most pointless movie … Continue reading

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Mrs. Palin Reaches Out To Annoy The Disabled

Once upon a time, Mrs. Palin was just a poor innocent little girl whose only friends were a pair of huge prawns. As she grew up with only a voracious appetite for power to substitute for intellect, she turned her … Continue reading

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Show Me The Money!

Are your feet big like mine? Are they a US 10 or IT 40? If so, you can buy these awesome Illex Kinni shoes RIGHT NOW for $230, saving yourself $20 from the retail price. Or! You can buy these … Continue reading

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Comments for Jane 2/18/2010

Sea of Shoes has been busy since she acquired her “tri-tone brogues” by Comme des Garcons (Que to cry, Tavi!) In fact, she and Mom have been at the Chictopia blogger summit, to discuss their own influence. According to WWD, … Continue reading

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Stick Around

All week, I’ve been reading the little tributes to Alexander McQueen. Some of them just feature a nice picture with either “R.I.P” or “There are no words.” But there are words, and I’ve been waiting for them. People who kill … Continue reading

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Now With Twice The Horror

Here is Erin Wasson enjoying the triumph of her awful fashion show. How can you even calculate the horror? Begin with the hat, I guess, and work your way down. These sweatpants are like a little piece of Erin Wasson….a … Continue reading

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I Told You Hair is Everything!

Just look what happens when you take away Mrs. Palin’s trademark big hair! It’s like Samson after Delilah got through with him! A genius over here altered some pictures of Mrs. P by removing the long hair (along with the … Continue reading

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The Doctor’s Office

I finally decided to see the doctor today, when my terrible sore throat turned into a fever with body aches and a rattling bronchial cough. Since I didn’t already have an appointment, I was told I could be a walk-in … Continue reading

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Three Quotes to Think About

Kelly Bensimon, on why her Playboy photos don’t feature gratuitous shots of her genitals: “I don’t think that part of a woman’s body is really evocative. The roundness of the hips, the buttocks, the breast, the shoulders, the clavicle, the … Continue reading

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Literary Feuds

I’ve always loved literary feuds, and now there’s a new one, between Andrew Sullivan and Leon Wieseltier.   Because the two men were once very close friends, their rift seems especially bitter. I love Andrew Sullivan   because he was a vocal … Continue reading

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