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Madge Vs Gaga

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More is Less

Rag and Bone Moto Pants with Removable Kilt,   $695 at shopbop* “It’s called ‘moto’ because _________________.” ~ *Only 2 let!

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All New Houseboys

This is Dimitri Alexandrou.   Some of you prefer more rugged, masculine houseboys, so help yourself to the new candidates. Here’s a hunk of tattooed burning love. Don’t know his name, don’t care. He’ll need to keep his hands off my … Continue reading

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Christians, Curses, and Cannibals

Meet Cindy Jacobs, a self-proclaimed prophet and right-wing supporter of fellow moron Gov. Rick Perry. Watch her explain how Rick Perry’s Jesuspalooza broke the curse of “Native American Cannibals.” Cindy and other members of the Apostolic Reformation movement will descend … Continue reading

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Bad Mothers

I’m reading a book about addiction that Max read last year. He told me I might like it. I also remember him writing to his girlfriend that the book caused him to review his childhood, which he always thought was … Continue reading

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Kill Me

Why did they stop there? Why not add zebra? This “shoe” makes me want to cry.   $469.95 at solestruck.

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Fun With Google

I was fucking around with my google account when I scrolled through all the options and came to the word “more.” This brought me to a page with the question below: “What do you love?” I instinctively (and somewhat drunkenly) … Continue reading

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God Damn That Stupid Dr. Phil!

I have always hated Dr. Phil, even without seeing his show. It’s just unconscious knowledge that he is a jerk. This week, everyone on TV is talking about him because of his interview with Casey Anthony‘s parents.   He’s been pimping … Continue reading

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If You’re Thinking of Tampering With Your Face

Think again.

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Viv’s New Penises and More

You know I can’t resist penis jewelry. Here are two new penis options from Vivienne Westwood.   I love the cufflinks but I wish they were earrings.   $151.51   Penis key-ring below,   $118.82 If you don’t crave penises, some other new VW … Continue reading

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