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Goodbye to Levon Helm

If you don’t love the Band, you’re not a lover of music. Whatever genres you prefer, there is simply no denying the gorgeous soulful freewheeling and majestic sound of the Band, from Big Pink and the Basement tapes onward. Listening … Continue reading

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My New Name

I was thrilled to receive this email today, and considered it a lucky omen of some kind to be called “Lard-Desha.” Isn’t it wonderful? I’m hoping it’s not some derivation of “Lard Ass,” which would confirm my worst fears about … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney: What a Fucking Cunt™!

On a campaign stop in Pittsburgh, Mitt Romney sat down at a picnic table with some locals who offered him a plate of cookies. His reaction was to ridicule the cookies, observing prissily that they looked like they came from … Continue reading

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Enough With the Orange

I didn’t need Pantone to tell me their choice for Color of the Year. There has been nothing but orange around for months. You can call it Tangerine Tango or whatever you want, but it’s still orange and we don’t … Continue reading

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I’m thinking of getting a version of this tattoo, just because it makes me smile. I can’t think of anything else to do with myself. I am almost a vegetable. I stay up all night doing nothing. When I wake … Continue reading

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The James Franco Project

In his quest to annoy every living being, James Franco is set to portray Robert Mapplethorpe in an  upcoming  movie project. He will also play Hugh Hefner and the Wizard of Oz in two movies currently in post-production. But you can’t fully … Continue reading

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The Crazy Mothers Club Vl

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