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Lessons From Madonna

Madonna was not put here on Earth just to annoy us, it turns out.   We can learn from her, if only we open our hearts and minds. Look at the photo above. Really look. Are you receiving Her message? Madonna … Continue reading

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Hair and Jackets Progress Report

Looking back on the Bad Hair Lament and the close call with the Topshop Jacket, I can only say Thank god it all worked out okay. Andy fixed the hair and if you live in LA, he will fix yours, … Continue reading

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Madge vs Angelina Smackdown

Don’t you hate the word ‘smackdown?’ I heard my self say it the other day, without irony, when speaking of Cheney and Obama. So now I’m using it to punish myself. Never again, though. So, Forbes has deemed Angelina the … Continue reading

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Madonna Brings It

YES. She nailed it.

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Gratuitous Madonna Bashing

Having fallen off a horse, Madge takes her face and a female underling out to dinner. Kate Winslet must be waking up in a cold sweat every morning, wondering if her head is still intact. What the hell!   Is Madonna … Continue reading

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Madonna, Our Savior

Do you love it or do you love it? All this photo needs is a good caption. Got one, anybody?

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The Lourdes Project II

Remember when we all admired   her unibrow and moustache? Lourdes has evidently succumbed to either societal pressure or her mother’s obsession with beauty procedures. Here they are arriving in Malawi to purchase a new child. Six months ago, Lourdes was … Continue reading

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Meet Madonna’s Personal Trainer!

Today I read a thing about Gwyneth’s expensive new gym in New York, and her partner/personal trainer, Tracy Anderson. Tracy is also Madonna’s personal trainer, and she takes credit for creating Madge’s controversial body. If you check out Tracy’s website, … Continue reading

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Do Women Hate Themselves?

A while back, I wrote on the subject “Why Men Hate Women,” and I still get comments from angry men. (If you enjoy angry men, go and look!) Today, after reading some of my email, I’m wondering if women are … Continue reading

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Madonna Finally Delivers!

Dear Madge, I’ve always hated you but for once you’ve made me happy.   First, because while posing for a picture of my big biker boots, I realize that I’m five years older than you and I never exercise. Ha ha, … Continue reading

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