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Comments for Jane 3/11/2010

Most recently, Sea was thrilled to acquire a garish coat that matched the dowdy skirt she had earlier obtained from a shop in Dallas. Now she can wear them together and look like a kooky bag lady from the 70s. … Continue reading

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More Fun With Trig and Whoever is His Mom

As we all know, Mrs. Palin is not really Trig’s mother, but now the word is that even Bristol isn’t his real mom! Trig Truthers are going berserk, in the wake of Levi’s public statement that Trig isn’t Bristol’s baby. … Continue reading

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Look Sexy, But Say No

Thanks to the diligence of Palingates, I’m now aware of The Candie’s Foundation, the organization that hired Bristol Palin as a poster girl for teenage abstinence. If there’s not enough hypocrisy in Bristol Palin telling teenagers not to have sex, … Continue reading

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Operation Bristol Palin

Even though Mrs. Palin has an Agenda against me (see above) I am big-hearted enough to want to help Bristol, who is innocent of sin, mostly. According to reports, Bristol and Levi have split up, and it isn’t pretty. His … Continue reading

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Bristol Gets a New Baby

As you all know by now, Bristol Palin has “delivered” a healthy baby boy named Tripp. What you may not know is that I am a highly regarded journalist in my spare time, and here are the facts: On December … Continue reading

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Bristol Palin Held Captive

I’ve been wondering where the Republicans have been hiding poor Bristol, and now I know. They’re hiding her on buses and planes, along with her sister, the very hot and soon to be impregnated WIllow Palin. Wasn’t Bristol supposed to … Continue reading

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