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Female Actors

Watching the SAG awards on TV, I laughed each time an award was given to a “female actor.” When did award shows become so pretentious?! Women who  refer to themselves as  “actors” seem much sillier than they need to be. If you’re … Continue reading

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Hateful Stuff for the Discerning Hater

How about a Hate Stamp Kit? You can buy it online here. Here is a gold-billed crow you can buy from McKinley and Sons, who describe themselves as ‘London’s most dashing taxidermists.’ I have to admit I kind of like … Continue reading

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Chick Talk

Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman, but sometimes it’s great. If only Tammy Wynette could have been with me today at my rehab group. The other day, a good friend told me why she’d never pursued a relationship with … Continue reading

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Alexander Wang For Spring

Oh no, not again. Some of us will be spending $290 for torn denim shorts this spring. You can pre-order them at Satine, in Los Angeles. Or I can buy you a pair from a thrift shop and tear them … Continue reading

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A Horrible Woman at Nordstrom

Yesterday, my friend Maxine and I went shopping at the Nordstrom in Woodland Hills. It’s a special Nordstrom with its own designer boutiques, and it carries a lot of high-end shoes. While we tried on our shoes, a horrible woman … Continue reading

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Understanding Tom Cruise

Have you watched the Tom Cruise recruiting video and wondered what the hell he’s talking about? Here is a glossary of Scientology terms to help decipher Tom’s important message. I plan to incorporate some of these terms into my everyday … Continue reading

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Blue Satin by Chanel: Get it or Kill Yourself

I’d been reading how this new spring nail color by Chanel was an absolute Must, destined to sell out before you could say “Fashion Victim.” So when I came upon a display case of it at a trendy Neiman Marcus … Continue reading

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I Love Marion Jones

I’ve always thought that Marion Jones  was a goddess, and I don’t care that she took steroids. I can’t believe the outrage heaped upon her. What a morally backward society we are! Why don’t all athletes just take steroids, like bodybuilders … Continue reading

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Fibromyalgia: Sign Me Up!

A good friend of mine used to laugh about fibromyalgia, explaining that it’s a fake disease. Now that I’ve read about it, I am not only convinced that it’s fake, but that I have a severe case of it myself! … Continue reading

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“Black Book”: Verhoeven Strikes Again

“Black Book” is a WWII thriller by Paul Verhoeven, the Dutch director who somehow wandered from art films to “Showgirls.” It’s an action-packed melodrama whose Jewish heroine survives the Nazi occupation of her homeland through quick thinking and nearly super-human … Continue reading

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