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The Fur Vest: Your New Must-Have Item

I don’t want a fur vest, or at least I didn’t want one. But I may not have a choice, if the imperative of being fashionable does its job on my poor vulnerable brain. Here is what I mean: From … Continue reading

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Meet Starving Implant Girl

Remember Starving Girl and Implant Girl from Shopbop?   Well, I’m happy to introduce Starving Implant Girl from Revolve Clothing. I’m on their mailing list, which means I am bound by duty to spend long hours every week, clicking on the … Continue reading

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Beehive in The White House: Yes But No

I have barely come down from the high of Obama’s acceptance speech, only to learn that McCain’s choice for Vice President is a busty chick with a huge beehive who used to smoke pot and doesn’t hate gays. Governor Sarah … Continue reading

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Am I A Prostitute?

No, but I look like one, posing on the commode wearing my breathtaking birthday necklace from Queen Marie! This photo says to me, “WWII-Era Italian Prostitute” and yet in reality Sister Wolf is a very contemporary woman with a necklace … Continue reading

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Good News About Your Butt!

IT ISN’T BIG ENOUGH! I swear I wasn’t looking for them, but Butt Enhancers have come into my life and I couldn’t feel happier about it. Feel Foxy has the best pictures, but Bubbles has some great items, too. Personally, … Continue reading

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I Saved $1,700 by Shopping!

Imagine how thrilled I was to see the metallic green Marni bag on the left for $1,815 at net-a-porter! It reminded me of my metallic green Not Rational handbag that I got on sale for $75, because no one was … Continue reading

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Fashion Victims Unite!

Do you find yourself craving those stupid rolled-up boyfriend jeans that Katie Holmes has been bothering us with? Don’t worry, you’re just reacting like a consumer, tirelessly trained by the advertising industry to buy whatever is deemed the New Thing. … Continue reading

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John Mayer, Thy Name is Douche

I know that in the grand scheme of things, celebrities don’t matter, but once in a while they intrude upon my thoughts and sicken me more than a hideous display of fringed boots at Nordstrom. John Mayer is not just … Continue reading

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A federal appeals court in San Francisco ruled Friday that a parolee cannot be obliged to attend an AA or AA-affiliated program as a condition of staying out of prison. For those who believe that 12 step programs are indeed … Continue reading

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Eyebrow Magic

Here I am, modeling the fussy white shirt after a hard day limping around Nordstorm at The Grove. As you can see, it doesn’t really work. But I have to say that posing on my commode was a stroke of … Continue reading

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