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Sartorial Coolness and Nonchalant Grace

I’ve had an epiphany and here it is: I don’t want to know about anyone’s personal style! After reading about Andrea Linett, a nice woman who looks like Sarah Jessica Parker, at, I find the whole Look-at-My-Wardrobe craze to … Continue reading

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Let’s Be Egyptian

I tried to write about Max tonight but it made me cry so I gave up. Instead, I made this suicide prevention poster.   When my webmaster wakes up tomorrow, maybe he’ll help me to put it on that side panel … Continue reading

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All Kinds of Fuckery!

First of all, I see that I foolishly omitted a blogger rocking the black-hat-with-shorts uniform. This one is called Stylorectic and she just had a baby. She seems to really, really love herself and that makes me uncomfortable. I think … Continue reading

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Withstanding Irritants

If it’s not some troll taunting me fives times a day, it’s some guy threatening to sue me, or a new stack of unpayable bills or a photo like this one, of the Man Repeller’s friends. I hope David Carlo … Continue reading

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The Mystery of it All

What’s the point of being Calvin Klein if all it gets you is this 21 year old porn model??

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Sruli Recht: Hunky Mad Genious

Sruli Recht was born in Israel, moved to Australia, and built a design studio in Iceland where he has produced a line of beautiful men’s shoes made from whale foreskins, and so much more! “For his first complete collection of … Continue reading

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Romance Was Born Winter 2011

This sequin cheongsam is the one item for 2011 that has stopped me in my tracks.   No shearling, no studs, no leather, no grown-up minimalism.   Just a crazy shimmering rainbow of goodness. More here.

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Typically Max

Spending most of his last 6 months in bed, Max starting using Facebook, and sent friend requests to everyone else who had his name. He was so pleased by the visual effect of Max Wolf leaving a comment for Max … Continue reading

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Invasion of the Blogger Girls

I think I’m seeing a trend here…..

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Smell the Leather

A long time ago, I wrote a story about my dad called “Smell the Leather.”   My parents divorced when I was 3, and my dad fulfilled his fatherly obligations by taking me and my sister out on Saturday afternoons. He … Continue reading

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