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Leave Prada to the Devil

My pal enc wants these Prada Boots, which Neiman Marcus will gladly provide for $1,200.   In a lucky coincidence, I found my self online last night, hypnotized by crazy boots at Amazon. Once I started looking, I couldn’t stop. It’s … Continue reading

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I Said No No No

Sometimes, things that are awful bring us joy; but sometimes, they’re just plain awful. Queen Marie was rightly offended by the notion of fake high-heels made for babies. For $35, you can buy a pair of these shoes, put them … Continue reading

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Play-Doh and Miracles

I haven’t bought any Play-Doh in years, but I’m very excited about this 50th Anniversary pack, with 50 different colors. Remember how hard it could be to get just the right color? Actually, I used to be pretty good with … Continue reading

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That’s Our Amy

I was amazed that Amy WInehouse actually made it to the concert for Nelson Mandela. Just days ago at death’s door, she looked like a little Q-tip under her giant hair. Not only did she wear that crazy Blake thing … Continue reading

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Britain’s Missing Top Model

In this new reality show, eight women with “differing disabilities” will compete before a panel of judges to prove they have what it takes to be a mainstream model. Huh? Is there something wrong with me or is there something … Continue reading

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The Handbag Subterfuge

None of us like Handbag Snobbery (unless we are the ones disparaging someone else’s choice of handbag.) I don’t even like it when a person praises my handbag, for god sake. When Susie B wrote about suffering the disdainful gaze … Continue reading

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I Am Not A Bot (But God Is!)

I am getting sick and tired of trying to read everybody’s CAPTCHA in order to prove I’m not a bot. Can’t something be done about this? It’s not a good system for the near-sighted person. I have to squint my … Continue reading

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Long Beautiful Hair

I don’t think one can underestimate the importance of hair. As I often say aloud while watching TV, “Hair is everything.” When accused of having an unhealthy preoccupation with hair, I’ve been able to fire off myths and folk tales … Continue reading

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“Whenever One Door Closes, Another One Opens”

The results are in. I have learned that I am too old and cranky to model for a camera, not to mention changing outfits. Notice how these overalls make me look like I’m wearing jodhpurs. I look like a hippo. … Continue reading

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Vivienne Still Rules!

God bless a woman who doesn’t want Botox and speaks her mind. This is how to be 67, if you’re as cool as Vivienne Westwood. Of course, none of us are, but here’s what she says about Sex And The … Continue reading

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