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Quick, Name Your Style!

God, I hate change, and now Shopbop has ignored the maxim “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” I was perfectly happy with the website and its Dysfunctional Family of glaring anorexic models. Now, they have introduced a handy way … Continue reading

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Sparkly Nail Polish Advisory

Here is a beautiful 3-pack Nail Lacquer Set called “Celebrate” by the Lippman Collection.   I’m wearing Superstar (“show-stopping copper-flecked fudge glitter”). You also get a sheer black with a subtle sparkle, and a Ruby Slipper color called Ruby Red Slippers. … Continue reading

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Tragic Fashion Boy

I have wasted several hours tonight by following links from blog to blog, and here’s the scoop: There are a ton of blogs that seem dedicated to advancing a style I want to call Clueless Goth. It’s heavy on the … Continue reading

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Lessons From Madonna

Madonna was not put here on Earth just to annoy us, it turns out.   We can learn from her, if only we open our hearts and minds. Look at the photo above. Really look. Are you receiving Her message? Madonna … Continue reading

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The Horror of Insomnia

This is what happens when you stay up too late. You start looking at shit on the Karmaloop website. Pretty soon you don’t know what to think.   Here’s their exclusive Catfight Jeans, only around   $50-something dollars. Here’s the Exclusive Brianel … Continue reading

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Stop Dying, Motherfuckers!

For the last 24 hours, I have been acutely remorseful about watching Michael Jackson’s head on fire. I watched the video online, and now it’s being played on CNN, in an endless loop of mock horror and shock. Even Mark … Continue reading

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Paging Rumi!

“Predatory and provocative, these leather shorts feature vertical zipper details. Hidden zipper and hook-and-eye closure at side. Lined.”    By McQ – Alexander McQueen. $755 Maybe with an insanely shredded tshirt and ___________________. Fill in the rest. Winner gets an … Continue reading

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Vivienne Westwood Agrees on Tablecloths!

How timely! Here, you can watch Viv urge people to make clothes out of tablecloths if they find a nice one. How lovely to hear the ultimate arbiter of great style chime in on our tablecloth plans for fall/winter!   It’s … Continue reading

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Ugly Jeans Face-Off

One of a Kind Designer Distressed Jeans [by Madewell].   $225 “Lovingly demolished, these dirty-wash skinny jeans feature paint splatter and shredded holes. 5-pocket styling and single-button closure. Wrinkling at front. Worn spots and heavy distressing throughout. 10″ leg opening.” The … Continue reading

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Mrs. Palin and The Unspeakable

Here is Mrs. Palin, just days after her resignation, preparing a baby for human sacrifice.   Mrs. P is marking the spot where the giddy mother will cut the heart out for the Unholy Offering. Oh fine.   Maybe I’m just hallucinating. … Continue reading

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