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Predictions For Biden vs Palin Debate

In honor of the Jewish New Year, I am now ready to reveal my personal history with Sarah “Dumbass” Palin. We met during the Miss Alaska competition in 1984. Sarah was a total cunt even then, but she sucked up … Continue reading

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New Reviews of Movies I Haven’t Seen [updated w/ gerbil]

My Best Friend’s Girl This is a godawful romantic comedy that grates on the nerves and delivers another worthless performance by Kate Hudson in the role of a smiley airhead/vixen. Dane Cook is predictably repellent as the wise-cracking love-interest. The … Continue reading

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Oh Snap, Grandpa Said “Horseshit!”

At the time, I could hear him make some kind of sound, but I thought Grandpa was just hissing when Obama called him out for not knowing who the president of Spain is. But ha ha, the old maverick actually … Continue reading

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A Letter From Mrs. Palin !

Last night, I was summoned by George W (described by a talking head on CNN as a ‘high-functioning moron’ in a rare moment of candor) and Grandpa to meet with Sarah Palin in her home-state, Alaska. She had fled there … Continue reading

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Grandpa Wants a Nap!

Wouldn’t you know, Grandpa wants to cancel the debate scheduled for Friday night!   He needs to go to Washington to pretend he’s a leader. NO, GRANDPA! It’s not time for your nap! You can’t back out of the debate just … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts Before Sleep.

This is a painting Honeypants found. I love their expressions. Here’s another picture: Mrs. P meets the President of Columbia.   She took the hive to new heights in his honor. As you can see, she has just offered him a … Continue reading

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Focus That Hatred!

People, I know how hard it is to stay focused in today’s fast-paced multi-tasking world, but we must try to funnel our collective hatred toward Grandpa and the Mean Church Lady. Look at this PAP Smear warrior with her Blessed … Continue reading

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Skulls, Fur, and Gwyneth Paltrow

Look at these amazing little purses by Natalie Brilli. Gazing at them, I completely forgot that I’m sick of skulls. I would hate to have to choose between them. In fact, I need everything she’s ever designed, even the black … Continue reading

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Rocking Some Hideous Fashion

If you’re not in a coma, you already know that you’ll be rocking some leather leggings this winter, no matter what. They sold out at Topshop in around five minutes, but too bad for you. You may have to buy … Continue reading

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You Can Put Valentino on a Pig…

But it’s still Sarah Palin! Poor Valentino, how awful that Mrs. P chose one of his pieces to make her national debut in. Actually, her stylists chose it, to be fair. Earlier, I read that she sometimes goes to an … Continue reading

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