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You’re Gonna be So Stoked

Remember how rad you felt when you found out that Gnarlitude’s Old Man was learning to be a taxidermist? Well, how stoked are you to see this picture of him working on these dead coyotes! No wonder she’s so proud. … Continue reading

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Wear a Dead Coyote on Your Head

Order now from here.   Or just scream “EEOOW!” via

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Comments For Jane 2/3/2010

Sea has been very busy with “work”, but here we find her taking a well-earned rest, covered fetchingly with nothing but a curated fur coat. Note the cascade of streaky hair.   Would a mother take such a photo of her … Continue reading

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Behold My Groupie Coat

This coat has been sealed in a big package, laying on my couch for nearly two weeks. My son’s accident brought my world to a halt, and I couldn’t bear the frivolity of opening a package. Tonight, I felt it … Continue reading

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What About Carol?

I have to admit that I’m giddy with relief.   My kid’s condition has gone from critical to stable. It’s a fucking miracle. It’s all I really care about, and yet….it’s still fun to rant, complain and make fun of people! … Continue reading

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Speaking in Tongues

I used to think I had a fairly good command of the English language, but lately I am puzzled by words I thought I knew. I don’t get the word “um” in its current usage.   Read the following sentence to … Continue reading

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Again With the Fur Vest

A full year ago, I complained about fur vests.   Somehow, it has reappeared as one of the It items for fall/winter.   I haven’t seen one on a real live person yet, but presumably they are selling well.   I’ve tried one … Continue reading

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New It Jacket About to Drop

It has now been confirmed that this jacket from Topshop is killing it. That means you can look forward to a slew of fashion bloggers modeling this item with hands-to-face.   Too bad if you don’t like money fur or even … Continue reading

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Is This Hideous Enough?

I have to say that this fur vest actually scared the shit out of me. It’s the Haute Hippie Mongolian Vest, $895.   It’s “the look of the season” so steel yourself.   Why would anyone want to buy this, except to … Continue reading

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But What Will Prostitutes Wear?

Here is the KEY LOOK for Fall, modeled by Shopbop’s new model, Rumer 2.0, featuring the all important shaggy fur jacket. Yes, this is the very same faux fur immortalized by Sea of Shoes and Her Mom in Vogue magazine! … Continue reading

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