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Nadia and Cami, Samurai

The exclusive Sister Wolf Samurai Award is only for heroes, so you won’t be surprised that the newest recipients are the partners of DI$COUNT. Cami and Nadia are fashion designers but much more. They had the courage to move to … Continue reading

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A Choice Between Boots to Not Buy

Oooooh, I love these boots, because I love boots and because theyr’e “nude” which is So Essential this season. But they also come in black suede with gold embossed stuff. I want these boots. They look like I MIGHT be … Continue reading

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Comments for Jane 6/1/2010

Sea looks disappointed after her loss in the Shirley Temple Look-alike Competition. Even the red tutu isn’t enough to cheer her up. But later, this effortlessly chic outfit brought a smile to her face. She loves her new Givenchy shoes … Continue reading

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“She Could’ve Just Said No:” Part I

Poor Kendra. I didn’t have any thoughts about her sex tape until Alicia sent me a link today that left me upset and deeply depressed.   You can read it here.   “Evil Beet” describes the action on the tape in painful … Continue reading

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Wear a Dead Coyote on Your Head

Order now from here.   Or just scream “EEOOW!” via

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Cargo Pants vs BP Oil Disaster

Which subject do you find more appealing: Houlihan cargo pants by J Brand or the BP oil leak? On the one hand, the cargo pants are flying off the shelves everywhere! Stores are having to re-order them to try to … Continue reading

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Let’s Marry This Lipstick

The cutest little 1940’s style metal case, the angled tip for precise application, rich pigment, and its own little velvet sack to carry it in your pocket or bag.   Besame is a company inspired by vintage cosmetics and this lipstick … Continue reading

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Refinery 29 just launched a Los Angeles-based blog and here is part of today’s post about redheads, written by the editor: Maybe all the brunettes are lightening up for summer or maybe there’s something appealing about standing out in the … Continue reading

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Words To Live By

I wish my own Mom was buying Marant instead of Prada and Dolce so I could raid her closet like I’m sure this woman’s daughter would do. – Gnarlitude A pair of leather suspenders have been on my dream wishlist … Continue reading

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OMG, Killing It

Sometimes it’s not enough to wear fierce boots that you can barely walk in and that make your feet look like hooves. Sometimes, you need horseshoes on the soles in order to get that Fuck, Yeah look. Here’s how Style … Continue reading

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