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Neverending Trauma

Today some woman called from the medical supply company to talk about Max’s wheelchair. She wanted to schedule a pick-up time, since the insurance company won’t pay for the rental “once the client has passed.” I don’t want to hear … Continue reading

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Comments For Jane 6-30-2010

This week, Sea posed in an ugly sweter and blamed it on Mom. I sense a rift between them, an overdue separation of their creepy merged identities. They no longer link to each other’s blog and they’re making subtle digs … Continue reading

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Another Rad Contest!

Refinery 29 is running ANOTHER contest, this time to win a piece of Rossmore Jewelry. You just have to write about your favorite summer accessory and the most interesting answer will win. Imagine my horror to find that some bitch … Continue reading

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Speaking of Female Mustaches

As per our recent discussion of fashionable women who sport mustaches, look how trendy this look has become! “The Frida” reminds me of the time I was Frida Kahlo for Halloween and I ended up having to explain to people … Continue reading

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Mrs. Palin: What a Fucking Cunt!™

Please force yourself to watch these two minutes of  gibberish, as they will raise your spirits even as they insult your intelligence.  Keep in mind that she’s speaking at a college and yet denigrates college students. I love this stupid … Continue reading

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Because I’m Stupid

The only good thing about buying expensive shit is that you can sometimes recoup some of your wasted money on ebay. Look at this Kate Moss ‘Groupie Coat!’ Why did I buy it from Topshop? Because I’m stupid, that’s why. … Continue reading

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I Just Want to be a Winner

Refinery 29 is running a contest, and the prose roped me in: “Simone is hooking up one lucky reader with an insanely rad, cropped, silk jacket. Just tell us how you’d wear a shrunken moto with your fave summer outfit, … Continue reading

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Lucas Revolution

Max and Luke became friends when they were 6 and played on the same soccer team. In the photo above, they were 8 year old headbangers. I can’t remember why they’re wearing those wacky outfits but I do recall being … Continue reading

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Again With the Alex Wang

A thoughtful girl named Lauren sent a link to these achingly ugly monstrosities by our friend Al Wang. They’re at Opening Ceremony for only $925. The description begins: “alexander wang knows a thing or two about what a girl wants.” … Continue reading

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Best Blog Comment in the History of the World

***Image removed at request of   owner, although I maintain my rights under the fair use law*** (identities concealed to protect the guilty) Kim { 06.21.10 at 11:22 AM } I’ve followed your blog for ages now. and just when I … Continue reading

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