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Another Dick

This is the Dicklace Tee by Haute Hippie. Is it meant to be a pun, as in dickless? Or is it meant to be worn with that awful Dickweed nail polish?   $350 at Shopbop.

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Plays Well With Others

An anonymous commenter suggested that I have been Needlessly Savage toward other, younger bloggers.   I don’t understand the word “needlessly” in this context. And I can’t really attack older bloggers, because Ha, there aren’t any! Anonymous (and I know who … Continue reading

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Mrs. Palin Rebuts That Stupid President

Mr. Palin responded to Obama’s speech last night with characteristic aplomb. I love her little head movements at around 1:28.   At around 5:03, we get “government takeover and mandation of healthcare.” I also enjoyed the newly inflated lips! P.S. The … Continue reading

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Why Can’t I be Popular?

You know that website bloglovin? Well, nobody likes me there, but people who do (even though they don’t exist) also like a blog called Nubbytwiglet. Nubbytwiglet is a really horrible girl who looks alot like Sarah Silverman, which for me … Continue reading

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The Petite Cuteness

She had me at “crocodile.”

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Facebook: Feel the Hate!

Tonight, I heard my son remark about Facebook: “I find my self wondering, why are you my friend here when I fucking hate you?” So true. I went to look at my Facebook friends and I hate at least 5 … Continue reading

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I Pity the Fool

…who buys this crocodile “tail coat” jacket by Balmain, for $74,000.   Who will it be? Beyonce? Rihanna? Someone will turn up wearing this, right? It’s fierce, killing it, bla bla bla. Look at this bingo card I made here.   If … Continue reading

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Troubled Teen

My sister found this photo a couple of weeks ago.   I am thirteen, standing on the street with a cigarette, obviously looking for trouble. I found it, but that’s another story. I was a child of the ’60’s, but god … Continue reading

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Very Special Jeans

Douche Bag??   Someone has some explaining to do.

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Comments For Jane 1/21/2010

Oh god, it’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it. Here is Sea, modeling one of the hideous new pieces of jewelry that she and Mom have recently “acquired.” Funnily enough, Sea wears the giant monstrosity with an … Continue reading

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